Have fun with The Three Musketeers - El Ingenio
2 February, 2019 - 28 February, 2019 10:00h - 00:59h kid's space (upper floor)

Have fun with The Three Musketeers

"One for all... And all for one!"

2nd and 3rd of February: We will become Musketeers of the Guard

Let’s start the formation as the guards of the King Louise XIII. We will make our own foil to protect ourselves.

9th and 10th of February: Escape from the Bastille
The Cardinal Richelieu has locked up Athos, Porthos, Aramis and Dartagnan in the Bastille. They need our help to escape, are you capable of rescuing them?

ludoteca febrero tres mosqueteros

16th and 17th of February: School of musketeers
we continue training as Musketeers of the Guard. We are sure your abilities will be perfect for it.

23rd of February: Secret meeting at the Louvre Palace
Dartagnan has seen the duke of Buckingham hiding a message in the Louvre. At first sight, the paper doesn’t have anything written, it looks like a secret message; Will we be able to decipher it?

24th and 25th of February: the true story of The Three Musketeers of Alejandro Dumas
Enjoy all the adventures of Athos, Porthos, Aramis and Dartagnan in El Ingenio. An amazing story you will want to know more of.

26th and 27th of February: Puppets workshop
We are sure your imagination has many stories ready for our musketeers. Let’s start by making puppets to share them with our Miningenio friends.

28th of February: Dance at the palace
Us musketeers have been invited to the royal dance. We are sure it will be great fun. The party starts with the dance in the great hall.