Children will have fun in our prepared area while they learn about fictional literary characters

Parque infantil

Play centre


El Ingenio offers a Play Centre service so you don’t have to worry about the children.

In our children’s area (top floor), boys and girls of the Miningenio Club will have fun, make new friends and learn while their parents take advantage and go shopping without worrying about a thing.

The trained monitors of the centre will look after them and they will have a good time.

Miningenio club

What is it?

The children’s club of the shopping centre El Ingenio

Who is it aimed to?

To boys and girls between the ages of 3 to 12.

What is it for?

Being a member of the club gives them access to the Play Centre, as well as giving the parents exclusive promotions and finding out of the future events for children before anyone else. We’ll also give you a gift when you become a member!

How much does it cost?

Nothing, it’s completely free.

How can I become a member of the Miningenio Club?

Make your child a member in two minutes! Come to our Information Point in the ground floor of our centre. Filling in a brief form, we will give you the Miningenio Club member card that gives you access to the Play Centre, together with a welcome gift.

How the Play Centre works

Our Play Centre services theme, which changes each month, is based on a writer’s work or fictional literary characters. Games, competitions and other activities that will be a great adventure and will let their imagination go wild are created around the chosen story. From The Mysterious Island of Julio Verne to the A Christmas Carol of Charles Dickens… Through culture, El Ingenio will make the toddles of the house have a wonderful time.

Bellow you have a photo gallery with many of the activities we have already made.


December & January - Timetable

1, 7, 9, 14, 21, 22, 23, 26, 27, 28, 29 y 30 de diciembre. 2, 3 y 4 de enero: de 14:00 a 20:30 horas

6, 8 y 15 de diciembre. 6 de enero: de 14:00 a 18:00 horas



Play Centre rules

  • The Play Centre services are for free, available for children Between the ages of 3 and 12.
  • To use the services of the Play Centre you must be a Miningenio Club member. If you aren’t a member, you can subscribe at the shopping centre’s Information Point. If you can’t subscribe the child at that moment, they will be able to enjoy the services as long as the adult who is responsible of the minor fills in the form with their information: name, surname (s), DNI/NIE, email, telephone number (all the information must be filled in).
  • The adult who is responsible for the minor that is dropped off at the Play Centre should be the same one who picks them up, showing their DNI/NIE in both cases. This person should also be locatable in the shopping centre while the child is in the Play Centre (in case something should happen to the child).
  • The limit is of 20 children at the same time.
  • The maximum time the child can remain in the Play Centre is of 2 hours.
  • Nobody but the monitors of the activity and the children who are enjoying it can stay in the Play Centre.
  • To make sure the children in the activity are in the best possible conditions, any child with symptoms of being ill won’t be allowed in.
  • The children can’t bring in toys or other small objects that my result dangerous for other children or themselves.
  • Nappies aren’t changed in the Play Centre. If one of the children needs changing, the adult responsible for the minor will be informed so they are picked up.
  • Personal objects aren’t accepted.
  • Eating is not allowed in the Play Centre.
  • Children won’t be accepted when there are less than 10 minutes left to close.
  • Being part of the Play Centre includes accepting these use rules.


Christmas Play Centre

Christmas and Charles Dickens stories where the chosen themes for the Play Centre in December. Hundreds of children enjoyed them with many different activities: Christmas carol karaoke, creating post cards, etc.

Visit of Father Christmas and his elf

During several weekends of December, El Ingenio received de visit of Father Christmas. Many children also gave him their letters with the presents they wished to get. The days our favourite character came from the North Pole where the 14th, 15th, 21st, 22nd and the 23rd.

Doraemon On the road!

The children got to meet their favourite cartoon character, Doraemon, in El Ingenio Shopping Centre and had some unforgettable days of fun and games.

Surprising pottery

In this workshop, the skilled children of the Miningenio Club made beautiful vases and bowls from 0! We are very proud of all they managed to do.

The Mysterious Island

Through games, competitions and stories they got to know Julio Verne and ‘The Mysterious Island’. During the month of August, the Miningenio Club members had multiple adventures and created an unforgettable world with their imagination.