Único is full of laser hair removal and aesthetic, facial and corporal treatments

Specialists in laser hair removal and facial and corporal treatments. Take care of your face and body with the specialists at Único. You can also ask for a free diagnosis!

Their speciality is laser hair removal, both masculine and feminine, using high voltage diodes. Your kind of skin doesn’t matter, this method won’t hurt it. Besides, it isn’t conditioned, like many others, to solar radiation, so you won’t have to stop in summer.

Among the facial aesthetic treatments, you will find rejuvenation, hydration and acne and marks elimination treatments. On the other hand, the corporal treatments are anti-cellulite, reducing, reaffirming and for weight losing.

What to combine your Centros Único visit with?

Complete your self-care day with a change of look at Lola González, treat yourself to a Kiko Milano makeup product, or update your nail polish collection with their original polishes in a variety of colors.

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