Exquisite jewelry of the highest quality.

In El Ingenio we have one of the more than 80 stores that José Luis Joyerías presents, where you can find a wide selection of silver, gold and diamond jewelry, as well as watches of various models and styles. From José Luis Joyerías they will be able to offer you an exceptional advice as far as jewelry pieces are concerned, thanks to their experience in the sector of nearly 50 years.
If you want to enjoy unique and totally handcrafted jewelry pieces, as well as watches of various brands, such as Guess, Viceroy, Casio or Maserati, José Luis Joyerías is, without a doubt, your store to choose.

What to combine your visit to José Luis Joyerías with?

If you are passionate about jewelry, don’t forget to visit our other jewelry and watch galleries, where you can find options to combine your pieces from José Luis Joyerías: Vasco Joyeros y Time Road.

Shop location

It is located on the first floor