Supermercados Eroski is the store that is dedicated to food and consumption in El Ingenio

One of the most recognised large consumption brands nationwide. So you can do all your shopping in our installations while you enjoy personalised services.

Supermercados Eroski fulfil their motto: So you feel at home. Going shopping doesn’t go in contradiction with having a good time in El Ingenio!

With textile, footwear, electric appliances, bazaar, and of course, food sections, you will find a wide range of products and brands of anything you are looking for. Fresh food is one of their strong points: fruit and vegetable, meat, deli or fish that are treated with delicacy so you take the best quality food home.

To enjoy the advantages and discounts, get an Eroski Club card in the customer service point and gather points as a member.

What to combine your Supermercados Eroski visit with?

Give yourself a break after shopping and have a coffee at Dunkin’ Coffee… Or a sweeter treat at Belros.

Shop location

It is location on the ground floor