The international brand that puts technology within everyone’s reach.

Always carrying innovation by flag as far as software, hardware and user-centric services are concerned, Xiaomi manages to bring its customers smartphones and other smart devices that combine quality and price under the same name. In this way, it manages to make the best technology available to all budgets, without exception.

Xiaomi dares with any product, from the expected smartphones, tablets and computers, through televisions, smartwatches, headphones or speakers, to toothbrushes, scooters, lamps, hair dryers, air purifiers or vacuum cleaners, among many others that will not fail to surprise you. Whatever you are looking for, Xiaomi has a product for you. Do you dare to discover it?

What to combine your visit to Xiaomi with?

In My Phone you will find a wide variety of accessories and technological complements for your new Xiaomi device. Whether it is a smartphone or a tablet, in My Phone you can find the case or cover that best suits it, in addition to being able to buy other items such as headphones, headphones, speakers, or power banks. The offer is very wide and varied!

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