Treat your palate to some of the delicious flavours there are in El Ingenio Shopping Centre. Try all the plats and travel the world without leaving Vélez-Málaga. Eat homemade, fresh meals. Fast food, in restaurants such as Burger King and KFC. Enjoy their hamburgers and other products they offer. Italy is very present in our shopping centre. Discover the most authentic Italian plats in Buon Gusto, and eat all the pasta and pizza you can in the buffets of Muerde la Pasta. On the other hand, don’t leave without trying the tapas of la Bodeguita de Miguel, homemade food with an excellent service.

100 montaditos has several offers on Wednesdays and Sundays. However, it’s also a great choice the rest of the week, as it has such a variety of sandwiches, including options for celiac people, vegetarians and vegans. Find a familiar environment and feel at home at Los Tizo’s, with a play centre so children can play while they wait for their food.

Eating sushi was never so easy. Sushi Artist offers a great variety of sushi pieces that you can take homer. Try this Japanese delicious food, freshly made by experts.

Don’t leave without trying some of the sweet offers of our establishments. You will be able to enjoy a good coffee with some sweets in L’Espresso and Dunkin’ Coffee since very early